I've always been a maker. Named after my great-grandmother, Laura Louise, who I heard was a multi-faceted crafter all of her life. I've been making jewelry as long as I can remember. I could barely wait to graduate high school in Rochester, NY to head off to NYC's "Fashion Institute of Technology". My love for New York was undeniable, but I craved more of a "studio" setting than FIT offered. Within a year I had transferred back to Rochester to attend the "School For American Craftsman" at Rochester Institute of Technology. Interning in NYC nearly college summer, I finally moved back in 1991 upon receiving my BFA.

I spent a few years working in the Jewelry District while making valuable connections for my "someday dream" of starting my own production jewelry line. Moving to a former chicken slaughterhouse loft in the industrial Meatpacking District gave me the inspiration to start Laura Mady's Boucher Jewerly in 1997..."boucher" is french for "butcher" (which was done literally on my West 13th St block everywhere). When a meatpacking garage neighbor offered me a tiny 180 sq foot storefront at 9 Ninth Avenue it seemed like serendipity. We were busy building out our loft and it seemed like a better idea to have  buyers and editors go to a storefront than our dusty loft:) Within 6 months the iconic restaurant PASTIS opened next door. It was a wonderful era where I blossomed and also had two amazing kids. I made the difficult decision to close my tiny jewel-box boutique in 2010.

The past decade I've focused primarily on my children while consulting for other small businesses. Entrepreneurship is such a universal spirit and its been my pleasure to work will so many creatives. I never stopped making jewelry for a limited clientele. It wasn't until March 2020, attempting to home-school two teenagers, that I realized it was time to go back to my first love full time...jewelry. I've been so grateful to have the support of many of my previous retail & online customers these past few years! As much as I'd love to show you my jewelry in real life - where you can touch, admire the colorful stones, try on & play with options - I realize an online shoppe is needed (soon)!

In Spring 2023 I feel in love with a much bigger jewel box on Alexander Street...back in Rochester again. In addition to my own timeless jewelry, there's a cute bracelet bar for "zapping" (aka "forever jewelry). Hope to see you in the mix soon!




(currently residing in the stunning Hudson Valley, vibrant Downtown Rochester & sometimes NYC)